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Disruptive Recruitment

We empower Startups with our Disruptive Recruitment Strategies to compete with the big companies for talent.

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What is Disruptive Recruitment?

Disruptive Recruitment strategies are innovative and unconventional approaches that organizations use to find and attract top talent. These strategies best work for the startups that takes pride in being innovative and face challenges when it comes to recruitment, including limited resources, lack of Brand Recognition and competition with larger companies.


Traditional recruitment strategies, which often rely on established employer brands and well-known company reputations, may prove effective for renowned companies with substantial resources and recognition in the market. These strategies typically involve traditional methods such as job postings, career fairs, and recruitment agencies.


However, for startups, especially those striving to disrupt established industries or introduce innovative solutions, traditional recruitment strategies may fall short. Startups often face challenges such as limited resources, lack of brand recognition, and fierce competition with larger companies for top talent. In this context, startups need to adopt disruptive recruitment strategies tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. These strategies should focus on showcasing the company’s vision, culture, and potential for growth rather than relying solely on brand reputation. Startups may leverage unconventional approaches such as Skill based Hiring, networking events, hackathons, employee referrals, and social media outreach to attract talent.

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Why should Startups founders take a keen interest in the Hiring process?

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Startup founders should take a keen interest in the hiring process because, especially in the initial stages, nobody in the company understands the cultural framework, the candidate persona, the product, or the services offered better than the CEO. In these early phases, employer branding is essentially CEO branding. Therefore, active involvement of the founder ensures alignment between the company’s values, mission, and the individuals brought on board.

What is Candidate persona and why is it important to have one?

A candidate persona is essentially a detailed representation of the ideal candidate profile that a company seeks to employ for a particular role.  candidate persona should be precisely defined by aligning the cultural background, required skill sets, working style, and personality traits of the ideal candidate with the cultural framework, work environment, size of your organization, and the nature of your business. In other words, your candidate persona should reflect your EMPLOYER BRAND your employees will also serve as your future brand ambassadors.


According to a survey conducted by CB Insights, 23% of startups fail because they can’t assemble the right team, making it the third most common reason for startup failure. Hiring for startups is inherently challenging, but hiring right is even more critical. While larger companies can absorb the impact of bad hires, startups cannot afford such mistakes, especially when building their core team. Therefore, it’s crucial for startups to define a candidate persona aligned with their culture, vision, and long-term goals. The values outlined in the ideal candidate persona should be non-negotiable, even if a candidate possesses all the necessary technical skills. Investing in the right team from the outset can mitigate risks and pave the way for success in the future.

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Skill Based Hiring for startups

According to a survey conducted by SHRM, 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers believe that the current job market is entirely candidate-driven. In such a market, where even big companies often compete with each other to hire from the qualified and experienced candidate pool available, startups need to think outside the box and challenge the status quo of recruitment to hire the right team for them. This means employing skill-based hiring strategies over qualifications alone, as qualifications do not guarantee the desired outcome. Instead, skills and a positive attitude are more indicative of potential success.

Hire for Potential

In recruitment, waiting for the perfect candidate can be a costly mistake. Instead of holding out for someone who fits every requirement perfectly, it’s often more productive to focus on candidates who are fit the predefined candidate persona and have the potential to grow into role.

Organize Hackathons

Regardless of the technology stack, the most sought-after skill set by product-based startup companies revolves around mastery in data structures and algorithms. An effective strategy that can be employed by these startups to identify and recruit top talent is through hackathons. Hackathons provide a platform for aspiring individuals to showcase their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and technical prowess in real-time challenges.

Hire a Growth Partner

Instead of engaging transaction-based recruitment agencies that often follow traditional recruitment strategies, it’s better to partner with a consultancy that has a growth vision for your startup, aiming to scale up through dynamic sourcing and disruptive recruitment strategies.

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