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Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business

Employer Branding

Your Employer Brand is your Reputation as an Employer. Make it a candidate magnet using our vibrant Employer Branding Services.

Employer Branding

Your Employer Brand is your Reputation as an Employer. Make it a candidate magnet using our vibrant Employer Branding Services.
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UNLOCK THE POWER OF EMPLOYER BRANDING – A Strategic & ethical approach that transforms your company into a magnet for top talent while building trust among potential candidates. In essence, the brand value of an employer ripples across various dimensions, attracting top-tier talent, cutting hiring costs and time to fill, boosting employee engagement, and elevating offer acceptance rates.

With Our 5-STEP EMPLOYER BRANDING Methodology, Expect not just Results, but a Journey Towards an Empowered & Irresistible Employer Brand.

Brand Identification

“We thoroughly explore the what, why,and how of your company, delving into the details that define your organizational essence. Our goal is to create an Employer Brand that elegantly showcases your culture, values, mission, and vision in an attractive & professional manner. Throughout this process, we stay focused on the pre-defined candidate profile we aim to attract, using the Employer Brand strategically. Here, we identify and align Brand values with the overall Brand Strategy, ensuring an authentic resonance with your target Audience.”

Showcase Work Culture

Showcase Work

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values 1

Brand Values

Brand Ideation

Once we have established the core elements of your Employer Brand, the next step is to ideate an employer branding strategy. Our objective is to make it appealing to relevant candidates who are seeking to join an organization that shares the same values and goals. This marks the first step towards creating a self-sustaining talent pipeline or recruitment funnel of skilled and culturally relevant candidates.

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Talent Pipeline

job 1

Culturally Relevant
Candidate Applications

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Employer Branding

Brand Execution

This step constitutes the core or heart of your employer branding Process, and getting it right is absolutely essential. This is where our expertise in recruitment and branding comes into play. Our proficiency and experience are pivotal in ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of this critical phase, laying the foundation for a robust and impactful employer branding strategy. During this step, we establish a series of multilateral processes, including the Employee Value Proposition, Employee Engagement Process, and Candidate Experience Process.

Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value

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Employee Engagement


Brand Promotion

Any well-crafted branding strategy needs to be backed up with an equally well-designed promotional or marketing strategy. We efficiently utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to maximize the benefits of our Employer Brand. In addition, we assist you in developing SEO-oriented job descriptions and an Employer Brand-enabled career landing page. This approach aids us in gaining visibility in the eyes of job seekers searching for a company similar to yours. Additionally, we ensure that your reputation on employer review platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Ambition Box remains unblemished.

Online Review Sites

Online Review

Social Media Branding

Social Media

Career Pages Microsites

Career Pages

Brand Audit

This marks the final step of the employer branding process, where we review the overall effectiveness of our branding efforts. We conduct a thorough audit to assess the quality and quantity of candidate applications in our recruitment funnel. Identifying any gaps in our employer branding Strategy, we simultaneously explore opportunities for improvement. After the evaluation, we circle back to step 1, implementing the changes identified during the audit process.

Candidate Quality


Identify Gaps


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5 Major Benefits of Employer Branding

Strong Employer Reputation

All our Branding efforts are dedicated towards creating a strong Employer Reputation that can act as a magnet to attract the top talent towards your recruitment funnel


Enhanced Employee Engagement

One of the building blocks of any well-designed employer branding is Employer Value Perception, where employees act as brand ambassadors of the company. This leads to enhanced employee engagement.


Enhanced Offer Acceptance Rate

The candidates who come through the employer branding enabled Recruitment funnel are well suited technically and culturally to your company. This improves the Offer Acceptance Rate significantly leading to a reduced Time to Hire which is one of the key recruitment metrics


Lower Cost of Hire

Building a robust employer brand can lead to a substantial reduction in your cost per hire, often by 43% or more. Organizations with a positive employer reputation attract a higher number of well-suited applicants, ultimately lowering the overall cost per hire.


Reduced Attrition Rate

Because the Employees that are hired through the employer branding process are aligned with the company values and work culture, the risk of them leaving the company in a short duration is minimal leading to reduced attrition rate.

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